Bespoke cost-effective COVID-19 testing for Film and TV

Ensuring safety for Film and TV productions

Katalyst Laboratories are a sector leader in Film and TV COVID testing provision. Working with the largest production companies in the world, we provide cost effective services that are built to be as agile as the environment in which we operate.

  • Our Services: We have a range of tests available, including laboratory PCR, cartridge-based PCR, LFTs and IFA.
  • Wraparound: We offer full bespoke service when we bring a testing hub to client’s production sites.
  • In house: For productions that wish to run testing services inhouse, we provide all the equipment and training needed.
  • Hub testing: Swab packs collected and processed within one of our UK testing hubs.
  • Concierge: Katalyst offer 7 days a week concierge service (including Fit to Fly certificate issue).

Katalyst understand the need for quick and efficient solutions for the Film and TV industry, where time is money.

We offer the best possible testing solutions that tick all the boxes for your production:

Flexible and agile services

Experienced team of medics and technicians

100% record of not having a shutdown

UKAS and DHSC approved

Capacity to run 1,000 tests a day

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Send us an email and we can start testing your cast and crew within a matter of days.

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